CDR Entreprise - Practices

CDR ENTREPRISE has a highly experienced team dedicated to the management of Italian companies and of subsidiaries of foreign companies, of all sizes, located in Italy.
CDR ENTREPRISE provides you a wide range of "back-office" services tailored to your needs.

CDR Entreprise - Offices
If you are willing to :
  • Settle your company in Italy
  • Outsource your administrative office and accounting activity
  • Design and prepare management reports
  • Restore the integrity of your accounting records
  • Improve your year end closing
  • Prepare your financial statements
  • Optimize your organization and your accounting procedures
  • Outsource your ordinary taxation
  • Manage the accounting and tax consequences of a complex transaction
  • Outsource your human resources management
CDR ENTREPRISE meets your requirements not only on specific transactions and services, but also on the complete outsourcing system of your administration activities.